Nyxi Leon

Nyxi Leon is a pornographic film industry idol, she has a breathtaking body and perfect looks that everyone always loves to have on their screens, snapchat and everywhere else they can find her.

Social Media and Nyxi Leon Snapchat

Everyone following Nyxi Leon on snap chat and social media seems never to have enough of her content.

She is always to something new and very sexy.

Her posts were significant on her hot model photos, nudes and short clips from her porn movies.

Leon’s twitter handle, @leonnyxi_c9 has always been blown up with comments of excited fans every time she posts her new content, furthermore her Instagram handle, @nyxileon_01 is also on the move of capturing more fans who cannot have enough of her content.

Short clips from a few of the adult movies she shot were one of the significant blowing factors on Instagram.

If you want to be the first to see Nyxi’s new content though, then Snapchat is the platform you want to be following her on. This is the social media account that she always posts to first.

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Life of Nyxi

Born on December 6th, 1991, coming from a Mexican and Spanish, she managed to pull her fans’ attention to herself, filling screens as a shemale porn star.

She grew up in Texas and was known as a very shy girl both at home and at school which lead her to be neither outgoing nor social, thus she often kept herself to herself as she grew up.

Film Career and Porn Life

Nxyi Leon’s journey in the adult film industry began in 2012 at the age of 21, and had her first film on camera that was shown on to networks such as kink.com and Grooby girls.

In the same year, this stunning pornstar grew so fast and quickly gained favour in the film market, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

A famous porn producer, Cindy Navola, noticed the Nyxi’s potential in the adult film industry because of her unique content and began working with her towards lighting up the porn industry.

She shot Next shemale idols and American Shemale×2 which was distributed by Evil Angel.

The two titles were nominated for female awards like, “Best Transsexual Release”.

In that same year, she grew so prominent in the game and shot her first film ever titled TS Nyxi Leon Sexy Star, directed by Cindy Navola, and put in the market by Evil Angel.

Nyxi Leon dressing up

The film was ranked as one of them movies in satisfying gender sexual needs, having over five million views in only two days.

She later shot another of her own films, this time engaging in group scenes and involving other famous shemale pornstars like Clara Sailor, Natalie Mars and Nyaxx Staixer.

The film was recorded as the most downloaded film in the adult film industry in the transsexual category.

Her Snapchat account and social media platforms were blowing up with increasing fans.

She was at 800,000 followers on Instagram and 950,000 followers on snap chat in early 2013.

The roles in the film pushed it to be nominated as the best DVD porn.

The adult review site, XCritic named her among the ‘Top three transsexual performers of 2013’.

Nyxi posing nude


Nyxi Leon retired from her line of porn in early 2016.

Fortunately for her fans, they still got to see her regular sexy posts on Nyxi Leon’s Snapchat and all of her social media accounts.

It is a shame that this beautiful and very successful TS adult star in not performing in any mainstream porn movies anymore.

But do not worry, you can watch some of her homemade teasing content over at all her social profiles.

Nyxi taking a selfie

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